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Loop and Tassel Flower Bookmark (made with ww yarn)


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Note: This is a variation of the Overlapping Flower Bookmark. Changes were made for it to work with worsted weight yarn. I’d figure I’d post this separate from the Overlapping Flower Bookmark since this one is worked in worsted weight yarn and to have it separate from the thread pattern for people who don’t normally work with thread.

Please send me a pm if you find an error.


Loop and Tassel Flower Bookmark



Copyright to champygirl January 6, 2010


Worsted Weight Yarn (like Redheart Supersaver) in 2 contrasting colors
(flower color and stem color)
Size E hook
Yarn needle (to weave in ends)

Finish Size 28”inches long.

Different Stitches:

Picot: Ch2, sl st in last dc made.


Loop: With flower color ch13, sl st in 13th chain from hook (this will create the loop).

Flower 1:

Rnd 1: Ch2, 4 sc in 2nd chain from hook, turn so you’re working in other side of same chain, 4 sc in same chain, join with sl st to first sc.

Rnd 2: [Ch3, sl st in next sc] Do this 7 times, ch3 and sl st in joining sl st of Rnd 1. Ch1, sl st in same chain as sc working in between top two sc. Ch5, sl st in 5th chain from hook (creating a loop to work leaf into).
(8sl sts, 8-ch3’s)

Finish off and weave in ends.

Leaf: Join stem color with sl st to Ch5 loop, ch1, (1 sc, 1 hdc, 2 dc, picot, 2 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc) all in same ch5 loop, sl st in same chain as sl st that was used to form ch5 loop.

Stem: Tightly Ch135, finish off leaving a 5” to 6”inch tail.

Weave in tail on leaf.

Tassel: Cut 4-10”to 12” inch strands of thread in each of the two colors (you should have 8 strands). Insert hook into last chain made, fold pieces of thread in half over hook, pull strands and hook through chain to form a loop, take hook out of loop and pull loose ends through loop and pull taut. Make a knot to secure tassel (optional). Trim tassel to make sure it’s even or to desired length.

For use: The Stem Part goes inside the book. The Flower part lies on the cover of the book towards the top. Pull tassel through loop help keep bookmark in place.



Copyright to Amelia Beebe AKA champygirl January 6, 2010. Do not claim this pattern as your own and do not sell the pattern. It is free for a reason. Do not copy and paste pattern to another website, please use a link. You can do whatever you want with the finish item you make. You can sell the finish item, or make it for charity, or make it as a gift. Whatever floats your boat. If you do sell the item online, do not use my photo, make your own and take a picture of that.

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Dear Champy Girl:


Thank you for thinking of us gals that dont crchet with thread,,

I will for sure give this one a try and please when you make more book marks create more of ww too...

You are a sweetie


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