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Needed: Fantasy help

Sandy Jo

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Was wondering if any others had worked the "Lilac Fantasy Doily" designed by Dot Drake?

( I think it was the free pattern of the day from Annies Attic a short while back) Mine is fast becoming a 'foiled fantasy' :blush and I am trying to get this completed before Mother's day! :eek

I had finished the first part of the center, and all six outer flowers, these flowers are then to be joined at the tip of the leafs which radiate from the center...

so far so good, :crocheting then it says (in Round 7) ..."ch 6, sc in between next 2-sc space between petals of center Flower..."

The problem, it does not reach! or it will, but pulls both flowers and leafs out of kilter.

Could she possibly have accidently omitted ' slip stitch down side of leaf'

then ch 6? or am missing something, or just not doing something right? :think

Thanks, any ideas, suggestions most welcome!

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the pattern can be opened here http://www.crochetmagazine.com/freepatterndetails.php?id=36


I haven't made it, but I see what you mean about ch 6 being too short to cover the distance.


there's thread about it here http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=25654&highlight=lilac+fantasy but I don't think it discusses the pattern....

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I've not made it, but just reading the pattern and looking at the pic--


Round 7: blah blah [Ch 30, sc in same st, ch 6, sc in ch-3 in tip of next petal (of the CENTER flower).


The ch-6 is just reach to the next tip of the CENTER flower, you will be joining the white frame part around the outer flower in the ch-30 loop. There are ch-30 loops between the leaves.

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Grannysquares, thanks, yes the ch 30 is for the next round, but the completed outer flowers are to be attached to the tip of a leaf as each leaf is made, making the second ch 6 to short to get back down to the center! :think


Magic, thanks, I even down-loaded the pdf of the pattern, just to see, it has a better close-up of the completed work too - but it reads the same...thought perhaps I had just misunderstood

and the first sc of leaf was not at the bottem but at the top, but looking at the larger photo, that does not seem to be right...:think


I think I will just slip stitch back down to the bottom of each leaf after attaching the outer flowers, ch 6, etc., then attach the white and work that for just a bit and see how it looks. Maybe then will know before finishing the whole round 7 first - trying not to frog-it! :hook

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Thank-you Gemini! :clap

My fudgyfix-it idea was right on track after all. :lol


Granny Square, that is fine, it is hard to figure out

when just reading a bit of a pattern like I gave. :)

And only crocheters understand crochet-speak at all. :hook

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