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  1. As others mentioned, a doily will ruffle till it is done. A doily is not done till it is blocked to proper shape and measure. If you are a beginner I would suggest a pattern that has word directions as well as a chart. There are many free patterns on line.
  2. I love Ravelry for pattern search and to see how others have done patterns and the different products they use. The yarn search feature is priceless and very up to date,while still having info on many vintage yarns. My account sat dormant for along time after registering. I am a curious type and got in there and looked in every nook and carny till I knew how to find what I wanted. Now it is one of my go to sites.
  3. If you go back and read the notes in pattern,, "NOTES 1. Cami is sized for layering and has a certain amount of flexibility due to the stitch pattern. 2. Front and Back are joined at underarm; sides are laced together with ribbon. It is made width wise and intended to be bigger to compensate for layering. It also needs more to be laced with ribbon so as not to pucker. I made one for my sister with lustersheen (size 2) and a size 6 hook and she loved it.
  4. I have looked at this pattern and looked again.Now that I have seen it done other than the book , it makes me want to finally do it Thanks By the way this pattern is from "Decorative Crochet Magazines 22 July 1991"
  5. I agree RedRose`s Diamond Afghan pattern is easy once you have the pattern down and keeps you interested at he same time. I have one almost done for a couch cover
  6. I use the method Amy suggested {gift visa/mastercard} all the time now and have had no problems.
  7. I love her books although I am heartbroken to say I may pass on this one as I do not know how to do Broomstick, Hairpin, Tunisian and it is a HUGH undertaking to learn all three
  8. There is a copy of the book on ebayhttp://cgi.ebay.com/PHILDAR-AFGHANS-Knitting-Crochet-Patterns_W0QQitemZ390149929560QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20100130?IMSfp=TL1001301410015r20603
  9. Glad to see that the cool crochet did indeed work. They are beautiful
  10. I am thinkng you could use a crochet pattern for a girl size 2-4 perhaps
  11. I guess we are becoming too transparent here ,if even the new comers can detect our secret right away.
  12. Yarns come in so many different textures and classifications. It would depend on if it is a very thin 3 or a very thick 5. As I wanted to achieve a lighter feeling shell, I made this one with lustersheen and a 5.50 hook and went from a small to medium. Turned out well Hope this helps
  13. I am also a lefty , and use to allow it to hold me back. Now I just go ahead and do the pattern. The only thing I find is that if you fear you can`t do something , then you can`t because the fear holds you back
  14. If you go to the her site where the pattern is , Kim`s email is also there.
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