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Me again....how to make a drawstring?



Hi Ya'll,

One of the ladies here suggested that I make a drawstring on the top of this poncho for my littlest neice, because I am not sure if it will fit her or not.

What a great idea....

Now, how do I make a drawstring? The yarn I used would be too thin by itself? What about pom poms on the ends?





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Weave the yarn (or crocheted drawstring) in and out of the poncho, starting at the front going around to the back and then out the front to end. Take another drawstring tie and do the same thing except go under the places where your first string is over and over the places where your first string is under, coming out the other side as well.


Im not sure how well this works on a neck of a poncho, but that's the way I know how to make a drawstring.

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Make a really long chain and sc all the way down it fasten off and then weave it through the stiches around the neck of the poncho then tie in a bow and attach some pom poms to the ends :shrug could work that's how I've seen ties on backpacks or bags.

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What I did was make a chain the length you want and slip stitch along the chain once. I then made little flowers and after I wove the string through I added the flowers and tied a knot at each end of the drawstring (so it looked like the middle of the flower). I used this:


Neck Tie

chain 151, slip stitch in second ch from hook and each ch across. Fasten off.


Flowers – Make 2


Ch 3, slip stitch in first ch to form ring, (ch 4, tr, slip stitch) in ring 5 times. Ch 1, fasten off. Pull end of neck tie through center of flower, sew flower to neck tie. Repeat for other end of neck tie.


This is taken from pattern from the Lion Website and worked well. (My pic is on my blog)]


Hope this helped.

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