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  1. Wow, I havent been in the crochet world for a while now! So much as happened over the last year or so! So, introducing myself once again I am Chelle, owner of Luv 2 Crochet website. We moved out of Cali and over to CO. Love it over here! It will start snowing soon, havent been in the snow for over 5 yrs now so kinda looking forward to it! Going thru a divorce *sigh* no fun at all. Need to get all my yarn back so I can start up crocheting again - keeps me happy
  2. Thank you all! I will try spot cleaning him with some soap on a small area first and see if that works ok.
  3. For my oldest daughter's teddy bear She's had this bear for about 6 years now, lost his nose a long time ago! I know the outfit is a bit girlie, but MR Teddy doesnt seem to mind and neither does she Im going to teach my daughter (she turns 9yrs next week) how to crochet a poncho for him. Anyone know, is it safe/ok to spot clean a beanie bear? He needs a good washing but I dont know the best way to clean him? Thanks
  4. I've decided to name it Sweetheart Fans Halter Top. Thank you all! I posted new pictures in the babies and children show and tell with my daughter wearing it.
  5. Great! Thank you!! CCCG is an eBay sellers crochet group.
  6. Thank you all for your help! What do you think of 'Sweetheart Fans' Halter Top? or 'Cuddle Me Fancy' Halter Top?
  7. Hello crocheters! I need help naming my newest halter top design. I have the pattern almost finished and ready to post, I just need a sweet name for it. Because the top part reminds me of the fan stitch, I was thinking of something with the word fan in it. I thought of FANtastic Halter Top but does that sound too sure of myself LOL Here's the photos. I will be taking pictures of it on my youngest today once the sun warms the yard. The first pattern will be for infant/toddlers sizes 12 months to 2/3T and then I will do another one with a different yarn for the bigger girl sizes. This on
  8. Ooohh!! You did an awesome job on those! I personally really like the pink one, but pink is one of my favorite colors
  9. Thank you all! I will be making a blue version for my older daughter and will make hers above the knee to show the length difference using the same pattern but adding extra rows for length. I have the pattern written out, just finishing up the second pink leg warmer for pictures for the pattern! Then hubby has to either get his computer fixed so I can convert the pattern to pdf, or he needs to load the program onto my computer!
  10. Ok, you would chain 4 then join with a slip stitch to the first chain stitch to form a ring. Chain 3 (counts as your first dc Im assuming), work 2 dc's in each of the next 3 chain stitches, then one dc in that last chain stitch where your beginning chain 3 is, then slip stitch to the top of your chain 3 ~ 8 dc's made Next round, chain 3 (counts as first dc again), work 2 dc's in each of the next 7 dc's, 1 dc in last stitch. Join to top chain of beginning chain 3 ~ 16 dc's made HTH!
  11. Actually, I will keep the shorter length as the core pattern with notes to make the leg warmers longer if they want an over the knee length...
  12. If I could add a little input here, you do not need to say dc in next 19 dc's and in next turning chain 3 for the end of the row instructions. At the very first row where you chain 3 that counts as a double crochet, you would put Ch 3 (counts as first dc here on out), skip dc below beginning chain, dc in each of the next ? dc's. Turn - etc. Usually when I am working rows I use a chain 2 which does not count as a stitch (and make that note that it does not count as a stitch), then dc in each dc across. When working in rounds, I do use a chain 3 as the first dc, dc in each stitch around (or
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