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Knit Dishcloths


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here are 2 dishcloths i've finished this week,






One is a sunflower from the book Garden Dishcloths to Knit, designed by Melissa Bergland Burnham. Love this book, this is the 3rd of 12 designs from the book i've completed.


And the other is called Grandmothers Favorite Dishcloth, which I made because it was so highly recommended by Happytee40, and she was right! This is a great dishcloth to whip up, it taught me how to increase and decrease in a simple manner, and it's pretty to boot! This one is in Painted Dessert, I love this color, I still have a LOT of it left on the cone too, so I see more knitting practice being done with it! I think this one will be the first in a set of dishcloths for my mother in law for Christmas.

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I am glad you enjoyed knitting the Grandmother's Favorite. I used the same color and I love it. I started the Feather and Fan dishcloth. I started it and I have to rip it out. I was trying to knit it while watching the convention last night and I lost track of my rows. I got caught up in listening to Barack Obama. :yarn

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