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  1. Nice to meet you Fleur! A CNA is a Certified Nurses Aide. My current job has me taking care of people with Alzheimer's Disease, helping them with daily tasks like getting dressed and taking a shower. Thank you for the warm welcome back! Ada
  2. WOW!!! how pretty!! It is so delicate looking, just wonderful!! Ada
  3. That is so beautiful! I'm sure she will treasure it for a long time to come!!! Ada
  4. Tampa Doll are you still doing those Crochetville bags you were making every month?
  5. Just wanted to drop in and re-introduce myself! I've been around Crochetville since 2005, though haven't been around much at all since about 2009. I am mom to three amazing girls who are now 12, 10 and 8 years old. My 12 year old is a knitter and I am just not sure how that happened. My 10 year old is starting a crocheting class next week, fun times! I crochet for charity and for friends and family, I'm working on a baby set for a couple expecting their first child in a few months. I am CNA, have been since 2009 when I was separated from my ex-husband. I am remarried to an amazing and caring man, and we live just outside of Atlanta, GA. He is actually cooking dinner as I get my bearings around here back. I look forward to getting to know new people and catching up with old friends. This place looks a lot different since the last time I was here! Happy Thanksgiving, Ada
  6. Hey everyone, wanted to give an update. I was able to see my client today in the hospital, as well as her children, who all thanked me for the care I was able to provide, and told me how well she spoke of me and how I was a blessing.... I have a hard time taking compliments but felt inside. A little before 5 tonight she passed away. It was peaceful, she wasn't in pain, and won't have to be in pain anymore. I appreciate your prayers and well wishes. You're all awesome!
  7. You ladies are so fantastic. I appreciate the prayers, my client is not doing well, I don't believe after seeing her today that she'll be leaving the hospital... at least not to return home....well depends on how you define home. She's ready though, she's at peace, and ready to not be in pain.... I just pray that she can remain comfortable however long she is with us.
  8. Vicki- she's had some coughing the last week or so, and i mean MILD, but she's a smoker and has been for 40+ years, wasn't a harsh cough, nothing that made her lose her breath, wasn't even a bit worried... and she had her energy and stuff, so not like she appeared sick.. it came on so fast, the last couple days she's seemed off, sad though not sick... just not motivated... I've been given special permission to see her in the ICU tomorrow, I'm not family which is the rule of thumb but by a loop hole I'm considered part of her medical team and she asked for me just before visiting hours were over, so I am going in the afternoon when I'm done with the client I work with on the weekends. LeAnne- The prayer pocket is a great idea, it'll work up fast and I can bring it with me tomorrow.... what a lovely idea! Really appreciate you all and your prayers, I'll check in on everyone later!
  9. I wish I did, my stash is pretty small at this point, my paycheck clears tuesday though and i was thinking of making something for her or the DIL then, for now all my good thoughts I can muster are headed her way.
  10. Thank you for your prayers, keep them coming. I heard back from the DIL, she has Catastrophic Pnuemonia, is in the ICU right now, her advance directives dictate no extraordinary measures and they are just trying to make her comfortable right now. There's a chance she'll come back from this but she'll be very weak and quality of life won't be the same. Haven't been doing my job long, and this is very hard, I'm just praying and hoping.
  11. what is a flannelghan??????? someone please clue me in... Joanne- for no tangles!!!!! I had a dreadful day at work, I'm a CNA and work in home care, which I my job, and my clients tremendously, getting all the one on one time with them makes it so hard not to get attached. But then today my client wasn't feeling well at all, and he DIL was with her and sent me out to the store for some things that she would need to get her through the weekend until I work again on Tuesday. I run to wal-mart to get her everything see needed and come back (was literally gone like 20-25min) and I can't pull in the driveway because an ambulance is pulling out!! I'm waiting to hear back from the daughter in law now to see what all happened at the hospital and if she's going to be ok..... my client is a dear dear woman, and I'm very fond of her, please pray for her. I just want her to be alright, she's had a rough time of it, and I feel like my heart is breaking.
  12. Well my bf has decided it's time for me to get off the computer and ring in the new year with him..... prolly should :smile You gals have a great night and I'll chat with you soon!!!
  13. You can do it Joanne and the rest afterward will be so much more appreciated!!!
  14. what gets me most is they think since JayBear is the cutest and youngest they should send HER to ask mom for things, I always have to stop myself from laughing, they really think i'm not immune to her sweet little face after all this time???
  15. LeAnne, them being besties I'm great with.... unless they are in mischief mode and i hear my youngest run toward the oldest yelling "mom is coming hide it NOW!!!"
  16. Oh i wish joanne, and I talk to my yarn like it can hear me "listen yarn, I'm stressed and you're gonna fix it, now I want no trouble from you!"
  17. glad to help you destress!!! I'm like that with my mom now, we're very close, so much more than we were when i was a bratty self involved teenager!! I go to her for advice, counsel, support, love, and we talk about things I never in a million years thought I'd talk to my mom about! It's pretty cool though knowing she sees me as a woman and not a little kid, that she views me as a confidant!
  18. JoAnne, I used to homeschool my girls, it was my mantra to get me through the days I couldn't get through to my oldest, lol
  19. LeAnne- They are THICK AS THIEVES!!!!!! I hope that never changes, sisters can be such a blessing. My older sister and I were not close at all growing up, and now that we're grown and have kids of our own we've become best friends, I'd be so lost without her!!! When my girls argue I'm always telling them "cherish your sisters you have no idea how lucky you are that you have someone who will forever be in your corner and back you up!!"
  20. Oh joanne that's awful! I hate when i get a bad batch of yarn that usually works so well for me, hopefully they'll fix it for you!!! I remember having a problem with RH once and they sent me like 6 skeins to make up for it!!!! I promise not to let having "followers" go to my head
  21. I'm doing great! I have 3 girls they are right now 8,6 and 4.... but by Jan 31 they will be 9,7 and 4! They're getting so big, and right now have determined this WILL BE THE YEAR they make it till midnight!!!!!! We have Sparkling Cherry drink of they make it,
  22. stacy great goals for 2010!!!! My mom bought my kids a Wii for their birthdays and it'll be here in January, we're getting one of the fitness games for it, I like the EASports one, and I want me and my girls be more active in the coming year. I won't diet, as soon as I say I won't eat something it makes me want it more, but I WILL excercise!!!! It makes you feel so good once you get up and do it, and I want my kids to see that!!!
  23. Hey everyone, I'm going to catch up on posts in a little bit, but I've started a blog to keep me accountable for the Charity Crocheting that I mentioned doing in the new year. You can check it out the link is in my signature, and maybe cheer me on as I go along. I've had a great time so far feeling like I'm getting to know everyone, and I just know 2010 will be better than 2009....trust me, it HAS to be! Love you all, have a great night and I'll talk to you NEXT YEAR!!!!
  24. have a good time tonight Mary, hope your evening is peaceful and you can recharge your brain
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