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  1. great job on the scarf. I love youtube its a wonderful place to go when you need help.
  2. I noticed that too. I would love to have the pattern.
  3. Love the show and yes I noticed the afghans.
  4. Beautiful scarf. Love the colors.
  5. keep trying and don't worry about the stitches they will get better. Youtube has great video's. I love the baby blanket.
  6. Welcome from Asheboro NC
  7. I thinking about going. I live about 2 hours away maybe less than that. I have to decide between the fiberfest and the annual city chicken coop tour. The chicken coop tour is sponsored by Urban ministries. You give a donation and get a map of all the homes in down town Raliegh that keep chickens and live in the city. Very interesting. I think it will be the fiberfest this year can't pass up looking at all that yarn .
  8. I loved it. She looks so good and the sweater is so cute.
  9. Welcome from Asheboro NC in Randolph County.
  10. Hello from Asheboro NC. I knit and crochet too. learned to crochet in 2005 and knit 2007.
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