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Juli has now archived the pet swap thread, so I don't feel bad about posting a photo of the dog bed I made my partner. I took two dog bone-themed patterns (one a square and one a blanket), and made a bed out of them. Both were originally knit patterns I found online that I converted to crochet (so they're a little blurry close up). One side had 9 squares in 3 colors, the other side was just one large piece. I stitched them together, leaving one side partially open so she could take the thin fiber fill out (or add more if her dog liked it cushier). Her pup also got AJ's dog bone mat and a couple of dishcloths with a dog silhouette and paw print, and a little dog bandana (off CPC). Total fun to make, and I was pleased with the results. This is the first time I've taken a pattern and really tweaked it to make something else than what the designer intended.







My cats approved the bed, although it was way too small to be tested by my dogs.



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How clever to re-do a pattern! There are many pretty knit patterns but I don't know how to fix them for crochet. You did a good job, the bed looks nice. Good idea to let the fluff get adjusted as desired.

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