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Plastic cat toy

happy stitcher

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I found something new to crochet with! Plastic string!

It's called Dazzle Twine, and I got it at Lowe's.

It cost 98 cents for a 200 yard ball, and comes in several colors.


My DH bought a ball for a home repair project he was doing, and let me choose the color.

I chose purple, and when he was done with his project he gave me the rest!


For my first project, I made a cat ball. I used a G hook and was so pleased with the results that I decided to make something else.



The plastic is perfect for a cat toy, because it leaves holes. I rolled some cotton in cat-nip and got it good and nippy, then stuffed it in the cat toy. The cats love it!




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How cute is that, my puppy thinks shes a cat, so might just have to make her a few. Minus the cat nip of course.......:lol Thanks for sharing. The purse is lovely too.:cheer

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