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    Married, 46 year old NANA, 3 lovely grandbabie.
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    Crochet, plastic canvas, quilting.
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    Housewife, Nana spoiler.
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  1. I love you Kitty Sq, would love to have the pattern for the border if you dont mind. Thank Your for sharing the kitty with us all.
  2. How cute is that, my puppy thinks shes a cat, so might just have to make her a few. Minus the cat nip of course....... Thanks for sharing. The purse is lovely too.
  3. Took it to my daughter last thur, Yes she loved it. I told her before giving it to her if she didnt i would never make her a thing...........lol. Could be why she loved it. She recently has found out she had MS and has been feeling down. So now she can cuddle up with it and Know mom loves her. Thank you for all the lovely comments.
  4. Good work and for a great cause. Keep it up.
  5. I think it looks great. Keep going you will like how you can pull things together.
  6. busybee

    Latest Afghan

    WOW.......Im glad my son in law is to busy with his bass web site to see that....lol. I would be in some serious trouble. Like to know about that pattern as well. For the future you know with all the WIP...LOL. Great Job:cheer
  7. Oh thatws so pretty, I Love Tweety. Great Job.
  8. Thank You all so very much. I have to say a special TY to Tampa Doll, she is the one that got me wanting to do graph. I tried one with lots of diff colors, but just had a big yarn mess, still in progress.....lol. So maybe one day. There were others that give me support so TY to them as well. Girls dont give up if you want to try it, give it a go, there are lots of sweet people here to help you.
  9. Did this one for my youngest Daughter now 23, but she loves Lucy and has so many things you can buy, so mom had to come up with something diff. Pretty sure she will like it. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d34/busybee2/IMG_2294.jpg
  10. busybee

    Lacy Valentine

    Wonderful Job, to you for doing it for her, I know she will love it. I tried that one before, and now thanks to you and you saying bad directions. I know why I had problems with it. At least it was not just me. You are a great women for finishing it the way im sure her mother wanted to.
  11. Ohhh How cute, Great job. On the critters and their clothes. Hugs
  12. Greeat Job!!!!:cheer I have done that stitch but never changed colors like that. Is there any sites that would help me learn how to do a graph with the tunisian stitch. Thank, Keep up the wonder work.
  13. Thank you all. I was looking for one like they carry a baby in, like a papoos. Im thinking. That one is cute, but not sure how comfy it would be for the dogs with the legs dangling. She gave me a scare this morning and would not eat or drink and just layed around. After a while of watching her, I took her to the vet. Hes not sure unless her sugar just dropped with a mix of upset stomach. But we are doing better now.
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