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  1. PS thanks for all nice comments everyone!!!!
  2. Unfortunately, I dont know how to scale it down by altering the stitches. but you could always try a smaller yarn-- that was done in Caron SS but you could try a baby yarn, or fingering yarn. Similarly, you could try a heavy weight thread. Otherwise, maybe someone on here could take a stab at altering it...
  3. I'm wondering if you couldnt just follow the same technique but with bigger squares?
  4. I had the same problem with a work memory stick. I would put presentations on it and give it to the person presenting and they would always misplace it. I made a wrist lanyard-- basically a loop for them to put around their wrist once they were done and now no more misplaced flash drive!
  5. Very nice! Curious: how much yarn did this require? What dimensions is it? Could it work as a lapghan? What brand of yarn did you use? I too love the color!
  6. Thanks everyone! Well, I am still trying for that blue ribbon, but i didnt do so bad! I did at least get a ribbon: honorable mention-- a pink ribbon to match the sweater The pattern is from a book 123 skein crochet, The pattern is lemondrop layette but instead of one solid color, i changed it to use two
  7. Thanks everyone! The sweater was made from the pattern "lemondrops layatte set" designed by Sheila Leslie in the 123 skein crochet book edited by Judy Crow. I did have to ask the editor for help as one of the rows had an error. I used pound of love yarn in pink and white, the original pattern is solid colors but i used 2... I was going to make matching booties and bonnet, but may just leave it as it since i want to work on some other unfinished projects.
  8. Just finished this sweater for my new niece, due in 2 weeks . It probably wont fit her this year, but definitely for next fall. I am happy with how it turned out, my first baby clothes! I was thinking of entering it in the local fair this weekend, what do you think?
  9. There was an error, I contacted the publisher and since there wasnt erratta (??) i emailed them and they responded... Now, I can finish, YEA!!!
  10. :thinkI am making the lemondrops layatte set designed by Sheila Leslie in the 123 skein crochet book edited by Judy Crow. I am making the sweater currently. I have finished the body which was a v-stitch/shell pattern for like the first 16 rows, then you begin the right yoke, which is basically sc for rows 17-31, I got all of that fine. But, then row 32 says to repeat row 4 which was the pattern row of the body of v-stitch in the shell below and shell in the v-stitch below. It makes no sense-- the picture does not show the pattern picking back up in the yoke. So I thought maybe it meant repeat row 4 of the yoke but that wouldnt work because it says to work 20 sc and I dont have 20 sc anymore since rows 28-31 had me decreasing. Does anyone have this book, or pattern that they can help me. I noticed the same thing when you make the left yoke. If you need me to add pics i am happy to do so when i get home from work... I am making this for my sisters baby due soon! I reallly appreciate any help you can give me!!!
  11. I am so going to make these! Thanks for sharing! My neice is due in September, cant wait to put these on her little feet!
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