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Dog Sweaters


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I made a few items to donate to The Humane League of Lancaster County where my sister works for a silent auction...


So far, I've made a few dog sweaters to donate.


I was going to wait and photgraph these on a toy dog or something - but I'm running out of time and will be sending them soon to the auction... so pardon the fact that they look a little strange! :think


anyway - here they are! Shown in links because there are a few of them...

I'm only showing three in this one because I don't want to overwhelm anyone :lol


First one is a sweet lil one for a chi. My cat likes to lend her presence to any photo shoot (I think she thinks it ups the value of the merchandise). Anyway, this one shows just how small that sweater is. I used this pattern with minimal adjustments.


This one is for a slightly larger dog - a size Small in lavender (caron Simply soft) with cream trim (hobby lobby cottontots). It's a hybrid of several patterns with the addition of a lace stitch from a book of stitches that I have. I added a few buttons to close it. I used this free pattern as part of the pattern "suggestion"


The last one of this installment is in Bernat Camo. I used this pattern and only made small adjustments.



Thank you for looking :)


Wish I had pictures of them on cute lil doggies for you to see!:blush

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I think all your sweaters are really nice and should do great at a silent auction. I have tried to crochet sweaters for my smaller dog several times and have never completed one. I am now inspired to try again. If sucessful I might make a few extra for our animal friends that need new homes.

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