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  1. wow--- this is AWESOME! Great job--- I just love it.
  2. sooooooooo precious!!! I just love this dress! Beautiful work (and cutie wearing the dress).
  3. beautiful work, touching tribute. This is something the parents and family can truly cherish in her memory-- so sorry for your loss, but delighted by what you chose to do in her name.
  4. wow!!! this is beautiful -- and she is lovely. I love this dress -- it is perfect for spring. Some dresses for little girls don't look that comfortable- but this one looks very wearable and she looks just precious in it. Like a Princess! I think she absolutely can wear it. I was kind of looking through my fingers when I opened your post- - worried that you crocheted something that wasn't appropriate for a little girl or that was just unattractive... but this is just gorgeous! So I was happily suprised and delighted. You are very talented-- and I am sure that this will be a dress she will remember and cherish.
  5. wonderful -- love it You always have such amazing afghans! I'm amazed at your talent--- and your ability to crank such beautiful work out so quickly!!!
  6. Lovely outfit on an adorable sweetheart! What a great name!
  7. love the hat-- great colors! and your model is just beautiful! I was born and raised in Cleveland! (Westpark) hello to a fellow Clevelander!
  8. gretelgrrl

    My Doll

    She is adorable! And I think even more cuddly in worsted weight... I just want to give her a hug!
  9. Hello! My coworker learned that I'm a crocheter and asked me to make a hat for his baby to wear next winter. His wife has a lovebird that she has had for many years and they wanted the hat to look like a cartoon version of their bird. Anyway - there are more details on my blog... but here is one of the pictures... if you want to read more about it, check out my blog - I don't want to use up too much 'ville space Isn't she adorable?
  10. wow! that is awesome and sweet and wonderful! A great new friend for your little girl to play with!
  11. KnitsandKnots-- that is the best cowboy hat I've seen for a baby -- very cute! The one I made for a toddler isn't as well-shaped. Thanks for sharing!
  12. those are awesome!!! How fun! Great job-- they are very creative and look so cool together. Love it.
  13. Congrats, Sennight on the baby-to-be! I'm sure your family will love your lil girl in some cowgirl booties!!! Good luck on the booties, feel free to pm me if you have questions -- and share your results!
  14. this is absolutely precious and your model is darling! I love the colors-- thanks for sharing your talents with us!
  15. aww... thanks, guys! kookaloo_starr - would love to see yours when you are finished!!! I'm sure they will be adorable and worth the stitch counting issues I want to make a pair of these in my size. hehehe..
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