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  1. This is yet another gorgeous pattern. You blow my mind with the creativity that you display with all these gorgeous patterns. I now have my own Dora doll (thanks to my sister and niece) now I would kill for an American Girl Doll. I don't think that I ever grew up - my friends all say that I should have had a girl of my own - no such luck - two big hulking boys, who always delighted in ripping the heads of any dolls that were in the house. It is only now that they are teenagers, that I can safely have any dolls of my own.
  2. How gorgeous. It is great to see some designs for the boy dolls - my nieces keep telling me that they get sick of dressing Grandma's Doll,which has short hair, and that they have decided is a boy - in dresses - They want some pants, so I had better get busy. You truly are a wonder, and to share your wonderful patterns with the rest of us, you are just remarkable. Thanks Again
  3. How wonderful - You are a true wonder. Thanks Again
  4. Yet another great looking outfit that I will be scared to show my nieces - because they will want me to make it to add to their collections. Great Job. Thanks for sharing with us all.
  5. I don't get burn out so much, but I do get flair up's of my RSI in my wrists. Sometimes I try to keep going, even though I am in tears and then end up with blisters from holding the hook differently - trying to avoid the pain. Not really worth it, but it drives me insane just sitting and watching TV and not being able to crochet. I almost cried last night, because my youngest niece had been visiting for two days and I had brought her latest doll that she got for Christmas home to try measurements etc on - but I just COULDN"T crochet anything for her. She turned around to Grandma
  6. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. There are going to be some little girls who are thrilled to bits when they open their Christmas stockings this year. Hope things settle down for you a little in the near future.
  7. Fantastic ! ! Another one to add to "Santa's" list to make for nieces stockings. Luckily I am going to Lismore tomorrow and I can buy some wool. Thanks Darski - Again.
  8. Fantastic. You are the QUEEN of Dolls Clothes!!! This will be done for one of the nieces for Christmas - just got to remember which ones have boys or girl CPK's. Thanks O so much Dianne
  9. This one is being hidden from my niece, Tilly, while she is here and it can be made for her Santa sack. I LOVE the patterns!! Have even been able to adapt some for other dolls of similar sizing. Dianne
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