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i have a tapestry crochet question


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i am about to make a baby blanket for the friend of a family member, and they want the baby's name stitched in. i saw a post before from someone who'd made a few personalized blankies and i was wondering

how do you get tapestry crochet to look "neat"?

i mean, are you supposed to work in rows turning the work? or are you supposed to work only in one direction, cutting the yarn after each row and going back to stitch another row in the same direction as the last one?


cuz it seems everytime i do tapestry crochet, the bumpy ridgey thingies that happen from turning the work (you know what i mean, the "every two rows" lines) really bother me. i just probably need to relax, but i was just wondering


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I've only got tapestry crochet in the round for purses and totes. The patterns say you always go in the same direction, hence working in the round. Apparently working back and forth makes it look more unharmonious.

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Good afternoon lilmari,

I know that it is quite late for your baby blanket,

but it would be great and at its best result by working all the rows in the same direction,

cutting the yarn at every end,

and attaching the yarn at the opposite side in order to start the following row.

Just like working in the round, a cutted piece, so that for the start to the end, you will crochet the blanket facing only the right side.

And do not forget to work every stitch in the back loop only, this will help you in avoinding the stitches slant.



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