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    I'm a 26 year old chick from Illinois, i love to crochet and ive been doing it since i was 4. hi :)
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    West Allis, WI
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    crocheting, reading, surfing the "web", lotsa stuff...
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    since i was 4 years old
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    hats, bags, baby stuff, amigurumi when i have the stuffing!
  1. lilmari

    Spikes All Around purse or clutch

    http://yeenmachine.blogspot.com/2006/11/hot-pink-and-oatmeal-purse-and-cell.html our purses are sisters.
  2. lilmari

    need help finding a good pattern! please

    thanks everyone, you have been a big help!
  3. lilmari

    need help finding a good pattern! please

    cool thanks! i will try it
  4. i need to find a poncho pattern for a one yr old girl, i tried making one and it was way small also.. does anyone know how to loom knit? i was wondering if i could make a flat piece on a round loom (and how) or do i have to buy a straight loom? your help is appreciated! thanks
  5. lilmari

    Amigurumi Yayness :)

  6. lilmari

    Amigurumi Yayness :)

    i made this thing out of fun little mistakes and total lack of any kind of plan.. to me it looks like a headless body kinda.. see i tried to make a heart on the body but it ended up looking goofy, so i put eye looking type thingies on top of it so that ppl might think i meant it to be a mouth lol so anyway here he or she is i wrote down the pattern so i'm gonna put it up on scribd or my blog, depending on which one i remember to log onto first (magic ring.. omg. i never did it before but holy cheese. i shoulda tried it earlier) thanks for looking
  7. pretty! i like the collar its a lil vintage-y
  8. lilmari

    Baby sweater set

    cuuute! so cute
  9. lilmari

    My Very Colorful Granny

    woooo thats so bright and wonderful! love those colors
  10. lilmari

    Finished another one!

    oh so pretty! i love those stitches, i bet the color looks better than in the pic too
  11. lilmari

    Pop Heart and Teddy Outfit

  12. lilmari

    Pop Heart and Teddy Outfit

    teddy bear dress and booties (i've got a pattern coming on my blog) also a hat... the hats whats giving me problems on the blog lol the Pop Heart thingie from MyGurumi link here: http://mygurumi.blogspot.com/2009/02/pop-heart-pattern.html will take you to a .pdf. super easy. super cute. thanks for looking
  13. lilmari

    seeking pattern

    well this isnt really a doll, they're ornaments but i think if you made two pieces and sewed them together u might could stuff them good luck! http://sarahanns.com/crochetworks/gingerbread.html
  14. lilmari

    divine hat

    super pretty! thanks for sharing the link i've gotta find time and yarn to make this hat too