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  1. Skip the bonbons yarn. I have seen it in person at the craft store and those skeins are very tiny and the yarn is thin to me. Read heart super saver is a much better choice than the bonbons to start out with. For me I use boye hooks and any brand hook that has that similar tip. The Susan bates hooks the point is to slanty for me and I snag the yarn but I hold my hook like holding a fork not like holding a pencil so that could be why. When I first learned I used the book 10-20-30 minutes to learn to crochet as it had nice left and right handed illustrations and I am a lefty. You can probably find it on amazon, I just happen to order a lot of crochet and needle work supplies from 123. Mary
  2. When joining the same color I use the double knot if that's what you are talking about. Have used this for about 5yrs now on my prayer shawls and so have the other ladies in my church group and we have not had one come undone yet so holds very good for us. If you mean something else then sorry. Mary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nq_7EXTWHE
  3. Oh duh I see. Boy not thinking good today. Mary
  4. I plan on doing an afghan like that. Not sure if the ebay one is the same but the one I like is a leisure arts pattern and I like the way the hexagons are with the stars in the middle so it's crocheted as one hexagon and you start with the white then add the blue then join them I think, don't have my pattern in front of me. You can see a close up of a finish on this blog. You can buy that booklet as a download from leisure arts or you can just get the flag pattern as a download from them and I think it's also in another of their bigger booklets. Mary http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/2014/08/link-love-for-best-crochet-patterns-ideas-and-news-27/
  5. Like in this video, that is what I would do if making that blanket, just undo the extra chains on the foundation row. Mary
  6. Ok that blog is not the best example but with the pattern they are doing I would just chain how ever long I want it then at the end of the foundation row I can udue the chains I don't need, that is how I do it but maybe I am loosing it today. Mary
  7. I usually just chain how ever long I need it to be then on the 2nd row just undue the chains I don't need. Here are some photos of what I am talking about. Saves me from figuring out the multiples. Oops not on the second row, just do how it shows on the blog and here is the right blog now, geesh my mind is gone today. Mary http://www.maybematilda.com/2013/03/how-to-get-rid-of-extra-chains-from.html
  8. Ok I guess I have done the standing stitch and didn't know it since I use a slip knot, who knew. The website posted shows without using a slip not and you can see it doesn't look as good as using the slip knot. Mary
  9. The designer is on ravelry maybe you could contact her there. There were 13 reviews on amazon for this book but no one mentioned that or it could be no one is making that pattern to notice any of that. Mary
  10. I usually just chain how ever long I want it and go from there. If I have chains left over at the end I don't need I just udno them. Mary
  11. The Vanna yarn in gold is nice as I have some and you can find it at the local craft stores. Very nice thing you are doing and sounds super cute. Mary
  12. I use and I hook for most of my afghans with red heart. If I use a G for a baby blanket it will take me years to get done, he he. Mary
  13. That is beautiful, great job. I wish I could do stuff like that but don't have the tension for thread crochet nor the patience to work with the fine thread and hook. Mary
  14. OK. It's working up nice and will go quick. Mary
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