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  1. Yes, thanks. It's a question of my sanity finding what I thought I bought.
  2. Not the one but thanks. These were all a solid color and no fringe.
  3. Yeah I wanted this particular leisure arts book with picture popcorns
  4. Thanks, nothing there. They were similar to this. Was positive it was leisure arts and there were about 4 or 5 in the book each a pastel color. I am beginning to think I imagined this. https://coolcreativity.com/crochet/popcorn-stitch-bear-baby-blanket-free-crochet-pattern/
  5. Yeah been all over the site. I am sure it's not very old but maybe even after a few years it's out of print. I must be remembering something all wrong about this. I will give my brain sometime to remember thrn contact leisure arts.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think it's out of print. At the moment can't log in to where I bought it so need to contact them. I may even be remembering wrong I bought it from them but I know I bought both new. Could have even been in store at Joannes. Tried searching joannes but they have only 1 baby afghan crochet book at the moment. Was sure I bought both books and found the one. Probably a good excuse to get organized.
  7. Sorry not those. I am positive it's a leisure arts book and they are done in one color in one piece and maybe 4 or 5 in the book. Then again maybe I dreamed it up, ha ha. I know I bought an actual booklet if I bought it. I know where I bought the circular baby afghans online but they are not carrying either book now. I thought I bought them together from that place.
  8. Pretty sure it's leisure arts. Blankets are all done in a solid color I think pastel with a design in the middle using maybe a popcorn stitch so not a graphghan changing colors or Tunisian or cross stitch on top. Done like the caron alphabet afghan I think. Can't remember the designs but maybe one is a rabbit or maybe a baby rattle. Maybe 4 or 5 blankets in the book. Don't think it's a very old book, maybe a few years. I was sure I bought it along with the leisure arts circular baby afghans a few years ago so maybe they came out around the same time? Found the circular baby afghans
  9. I bought the suede soles for slippers in the craft store, used a 55% coupon on them, think they are by the boye company. Have seen flip flop soles used too. Mary
  10. I use a dental floss threader when I have to string beads on the yarn. This might work to help weave in short tails. Mary
  11. Have you checked on ravelry? Might be some user comments and suggestions on there if anyone has done this. Don't do tunesian so can't help. Mary
  12. I have done baby blankets with 2 strands and the book called for a P hook and it worked wonderfull. Mary
  13. That turned out nice. The caron yarn is a tad thinner so don't know if that matters or not. Mary
  14. Thank you for taking the time to post that for me now I can file it away. Mary
  15. Ohh can you post the revisions. I have that magazine so will put the revisions with it for some day. Mary
  16. Here is the ravelry page for the designer. It was also available as a freebie the month the mgazine came out so check and see if the PDF link on ravelry for the download matches the magazine instructions. If you click her name you will see her user name and blog. On ravelry you can go up to my notebook, messages and in the too field put her user name and pop her a message. I have found a lot of designers are on ravelry and to be very hepfull if I contact them with a pattern problem. If there is a mistake then someone needs to notify crochet world so they can print the corrections. Ma
  17. First of all on their site look on the left and scroll down to revisions and upates and type in the issue number and see if anything comes up. If not then contact them. The designer is on ravelry so maybe try and contact her directly. Mary
  18. That's what it sounds like to me too. Try the next row and I bet it will come together. Mary
  19. Is that the same stitch as this? I use this for my prayer shawls but have only used one color but maybe it will help someone help you change colors. Mary
  20. Another thing you cand do is put a stitch marker in the first stitch then when you get to the last stitch put another stitch marker then when you come back around you will know where to go in. Kepp at it, it's looking better. Mary
  21. My friend has several eletronic knitting machines as that has been her business most of her life and they are wonderfull. Not cheap so research good before buying one. She can program stitches in and does those nice Christmas stockings and stuff and a lot of childrens hats with ear flaps with designs. I would stay away from the as seen on TV knitting machine as there was nothing but complaints about them so go to a good store and research them out. Mary
  22. If it's this one says it's worked sideways from cuff to cuff. Maybe that will help someone help you better. Mary
  23. A lefty that has only been at this 5yrs. I just used left handed diagrams from a book to learn the basic stitches and now just read the pattern and do it as written. I guess I don't do anything that complex that needs reversing. Good luck with this and hope you get it. Mary
  24. I used a small hole punch from the scrap book section and it worked fine on the fleece and was cheap enough. I just measured and marked along with a dissapearing pen and then punched. Mary
  25. My boye stitch rings snap close so when I put my project away in my tote I put one in the last stitch and then through another stitch farther down to hold my work from coming un-done in my tote bag and it works winderful. Mary
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