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look what i got!!


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was in LA and visited Suss Design... all i can say is YUM! i also met Suss - which was kinda neat. They had a huge sale so of course i spent more than i intended, but it was WAY worth it!


the light purple is Knit One Crochet Too Gourmet Collection Temptation (50/50 baby alpaca/merino wool), Lambs Pride Wool, Suss black 100% Kid Mohair, Suss Natural: Bush (50/50 cotton/mohair), an unmarked Suss mohair blend in pink/rainbow/metallic, 2x 1/2oz skeins of Valeria di Roma Angora, and 5 sk (2 natural, grey) Suss Alpaca.




and i also just got this in the mail from

Yarn Forward


2 50/50 cotton/hemp and 4 Patons Fresco - which is a lot cooler than i had imagined!



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i have been eyeing the fresco for months but everytime i found it online it was always rather expensive with shipping. this was on sale for $1.62/each and the shipping was quite reasonable! i thought it was a plain ribbon, but it is more like a flat "tube". think flattened straw made of cloth. very neat. i am planning to make my daughter's bathing suit out of it.

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