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    I'm a single mom, full time student, state employee, and 2x gestational surrogate - going for #3!
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    Crocheting, knitting, reading, writing, daydreaming...
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    Administrative Assistant and student
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    Afghans (especially for babies), skirts, and toys.
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    Since 12/2003
  1. I don't care for the pink/blue thing. I always seem to end up doing green and purple for my surrogate twins.
  2. Greetings from Wichita!!! We may be trying to have a gtg here in Wichita soon... Be great if you could join us!
  3. Cool... Anyone who wants to gtg in Wichita, PM me with your availability and I'll see when would be a good time. Any suggestions for places welcome, too!
  4. Bamboo would be great. I have one of those planned. Or a 100% cotton (I recently made a Sweet Pea from Blue Sky Organic Cotton and it is amazing. I'm currently making another out of a mercerized cotton that is similar to the kind the pattern calls for.)
  5. I'm honored! lol! Very nice work! I *love* the blue!
  6. Does anyone have a copy that they would be willing to sell or trade? http://www.royalyarns.com/ptrn/RYC/RYC-BK03-2205/index.html
  7. There was a little tutorial on escama in Craft magazine's current issue, but if I recall correctly, the pattern was for flowers. However, trying that might give you an idea of how to go about making the bag.
  8. I like natural fibers, and RHSS, CSS, and FF are synthetic. Most of Lion Brand's stuff is synthetic. I voted other. Some of my faves are Blue Sky Organic Cotton, Plymouth Baby Alpaca (well, most alpaca yarns, really), 100% camel from the Snow Leopard Trust, 100% bamboo and soysilk and corn. Silks, esp the Recycled Silk from Mango Moon.
  9. The butterfly shawl pattern from here is nice. It would have plenty of coverage and the shape would help too. Just search for it in the search box up above.
  10. I got a coupon, too. It was for one item. Providing we are talking about joanns.com.
  11. I like the one in Loop-d-loop... It's a pineapple pattern and therefore very cute!
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