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Question re: Cone yarn

Hook and I

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This will probably sound like a really dumb question to those of you who buy cone yarn all the time but ...


Can you get regular worsted weight acrylic on a cone?


How about things like baby clouds? Or chunky and bulky acrylics?


I've browsed through ebay and saw some amazing chenille on cones - but can you get other more standard types of yarn on a cone?


If so - Where would be the best place to buy?



Hook and I :fluffy

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i know you can get the cotton yarn on cones. and i think you can with acryilcs too, but not sure,. like beth said do a search and see it it comes up. maybe go to the manufactures site and see how it is sold. wish i could have helped you more:loco vicki

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The Spring issue of Crochet Fantasy has an article on coned yarns, with several sources listed.


Yeoman Yarns at Aurora Yarn Supply www.yarnups.com

Bonnie Triola Yarns home.earthlink.net/~bonnietriola/

Bramwell and Tamm Yarns at The Knit Knack Shop www.knitknackshop.com

UKI Supreme (lots of cotton yarns) www.supremecorporation.com

Millor Yarn at www.Knitcraft.com

Webs (close-out mill ends) www.yarn.com


So, has anyone ever used any of these yarns/vendors? I'd like to find a good mercerized cotton I can substitute for Paton's Grace, and other than what I learned in that article, I'm clueless when it comes to coned yarns.





* Cynic's note: The author of the article basically lifted some of her comments from at least one yarn manufacturer's website, so take her praise with a grain of salt, and maybe check around before investing.

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