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Guest The Last Tatonka

As South as you can go without leaving the U.S...

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Guest The Last Tatonka

... is where I, The Last Tatonka, am from! Most people call me Tat just because its shorter, or by my name Jena. *shrugs* I dont really care people knowing my first name, not like they can stalk me by just that ^^;


Before I introduce myself anymore, I just gotta say that :sheepjump is the coolest smiley. Ever.


YEah, so, I'm actually a begginer, haven't even really finished anything big. But alas, must work! When ever I make something, the finished product always reminds me of Po-Mo art... mebbe thats saying I should get a therapist.


Mebbe its sayingI like Po-Mo art :O


The world may never know...

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