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    Looking for Bernet Galaxy, Deep space

    Thanks Selune
  2. Ambersafghans

    Looking for Bernet Galaxy, Deep space

    My favorite source for this yarn is out and I can't find the color Deep Space for less than $4 per skein. Anyone have some you want to get rid of? I am looking for 5 or 6 skeins at a reasonable price. Thanks! Amber
  3. Ambersafghans

    Look at this!

    That only ended up being .12 per square. A bit high for granny squares maybe, but not terrible. (I hate it when shipping is that outlandish though) Amber
  4. Ambersafghans

    WANTED christmas yarn Please close found yarn!

    Wouldn't he be comfortable using papal? And credit cards through paypal? They are the "safest" way I think. Amber
  5. Ambersafghans

    3D Rose afgahn

    I am looking for a 3D Rose afghan pattern. Anyone know of a good one? I am not finding a lot online. Thanks. Amber
  6. Ambersafghans

    Lots for Sale!

    You wouldn't happen to have any fun fur you weren't using would you? Sorry about your car! I hope you get the money you need for it. Amber
  7. Ambersafghans

    Questions for a crochet tutorial

    Thanks for the responses! I will look into those sites. Amber
  8. Ambersafghans

    Questions for a crochet tutorial

    Hi everone! I am just starting to do a little bit of research into different methods for holding the hook and yarn, and other little things like the starting knot, weaving in ends, joining a new color and even grabbing the yarn. I am amazed at how many different methods there are! I don't have a name for all of them yet though. Does anyone know of a website with pictures and names of different holds? I am looking into making a crochet tutorial and want to be able to explain a couple of the different holding methods so that those who watch it can pick the one best for them. I use the knife hold, and I know the pencil hold. But I have seen some others I can't name. I was also just trying to figure out the difference for a left handed crocheter. It's pretty much just backwards right? They work from left to right instead of right to left, but they still have to insert hook in hole, yo, pull through ect. If there is anything else I should mention about crocheting left handed I would appreciate any imput. Thank you! Have a great day. Amber
  9. Ambersafghans

    Joining Yarn Question

    Hi! I know this is a bit old but I thought I would add my imput. When I need to change color I a 2 inch tail of color A as well as color B. Pull color B through the last stage of last stitch (For instance with a sc, it would be yo, pull through two loops) and then after crocheting a few stitches with color B I go back and tie the two ends together and weave them in. Amber
  10. Ambersafghans

    Caron One Pounders

    I've purchased from the knitting warehouse before. It's great. My Jo-anns here though always carries sage and blues and such. Amber
  11. Ambersafghans

    hand cramps

    HI guys! I have a quick question. I have had a lot of crocheting to do recently and have a lot more to go. Right now my right hand pinkie is aching a bit, or rather below it. I didn't think that carpel tunnel effected the pinkies, and this is king of weird because it is actually not used that much. Is this carpel tunnel or just something else? I don't know if I should exercise it or baby it. It's not really bad and it hasn't been for very long. Thanks gals! Amber
  12. Ambersafghans

    Hubby thinks crocheting is for "GIRLS"

    Just a note on boys crocheting. My brother is 8 and he has done his own lapghan. Also, kind of funny. I was at a farmer's market and had one of my water bottle holders with a bottle in it on the front table. One family came by and the girl said to her Dad "Look Dad, you do those with plastic". Yes, He crochets water bottle holders with plastic bags and even pulled a crochet hook out of his little tool pack that he had on his belt!!! Amber
  13. Ambersafghans

    What yarns would you suggest..

    Pound of love doens't have the colors I need, but one pounders might...... (Black, white and grey. Two shades of gray prefferably) thanks! Amber
  14. Ambersafghans

    What yarns would you suggest..

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will look them all up. lol, I use super saver a lot, but I can't throw this project in the washer. It will be a 5' by 8' afghan. I do like the idea of simply soft...if it's too thin or expensive. Caron one pound is softer? Hm, never noticed. I will check the others out as well. Thanks! Amber
  15. Ambersafghans

    What yarns would you suggest..

    For a soft but not to expensive afghan? something softer than Super saver. I need the colors black, white and gray. Homespun and chenille are out. Simply soft, I think might be to thin. Any suggestions?