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  1. I'm not certain, but I think the striping pattern changed from wider stripes to thinner stripes with larger blocks of color at some point. Either for the 3rd or 4th movie. I made mine with even rows of each color and everybody knew what it was supposed to be.
  2. Nay65

    pattern question

    Thanx, Chrome Kitty. The numbers will me keep track better.
  3. Nay65

    pattern question

    Thanx, Paulette. That's what I was thinking myself, but wanted to double check.
  4. Nay65

    pattern question

    I'm working on the magic stripes midi skirt from the 2005 BHG Simply Creative Crochet magazine and I'm not sure about the increasing. Here are the instructions: Inc Row: Ch2 counts as hdc; 2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in ea hdc across, end with 2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in last hdc Work 4 rows even Rep inc row now, then every 4th row 5 times I understand the first part, it's the part in italics I'm not sure about. Does this mean I work even for 3 rows, then increase on the 4th or do I work even for 4 rows then increase on the 5th? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Cotton yarn like Sugar N Cream is probably best, but I've also used acrylic without problems.
  6. I've always measured the diameter of the rounds.
  7. I got squares!! :yay Now, I just need to finish all my Christmas projects so I can work on my C'ville friends lapghan. I've looked through them but haven't laid them out to take a picture, yet. Hopefully, I'll have the time in the next couple of days. Thanx, everyone!! They all look great!
  8. That's usually what I do, too, and yes, the tail is on the left for a rightie. I'll only mark the right side with a stitch marker if row 1 doesn't start the right side.
  9. Usually, you would use a spiral for anything where you don't want a seam, like for a hat or stuffed animals. When you ss at the end of a round to join, you sometimes end up with a noticeable seam.
  10. Deneen, here's a link to Barnes and Noble They have a couple copies you can get. The copy I have is the fourth one listed. I think to get all the stitches I have in my book, you'd have to get both Vol 6 & Vol 7.
  11. Rebecca, here are directions for the herringbone hdc I found in my Harmony Guide: yo, insert hook, yo, draw through st and first loop on hook, yo, draw through both loops on hook. As near as I can tell, my stitches look the same as in the clutch. I'm wondering if you're adding an extra yo after you draw the loop through the stitch. When I first tried it, I found myself doing that because it's more natural to work the stitch that way.
  12. I finished my last square this morning. I think a few of them need blocking, so I'll do that this weekend and hopefully get them mailed out next week.
  13. Some more finished squares. The squares in the first 3 photos are being sent out for the swap. The squares in the last photo I'm keeping for my ghan. All clickable thumbnails.
  14. Nay65


    It means you've ripped out some or all of the stitches in your project.
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