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Help with pattern, baby cardigan



Hi all!

First time poster here and newbie at crocheting.

I am making a baby cardigan for my niece. However, I have gotten stuck on row 3 of the body of the cardigan. I can’t understand how to get the right stitch count. I’ve written the pattern below:

Row 2

Ch1, 2htr, (ch1, sk 1 st, 1htr) to end, turn.

[51 htr, 49 ch-1 sps]

Row 3

Ch1, *1htr in the next st, 2htr in ch-1 sp; rep from * to last 2 sts, 2htr 


Basically my issue is with the 3rd row. I’m reading the pattern as chain 1 and then do 1 htr in the next stitch on the row, do 2 htr in the ch-1 space (i.e into the spaces I made on row 2) and then repeat the same 1-2, 1-2 pattern until the last 2 sts. However, when I do that, I still end up with 100 stiches on the row (and not 149!?).

Does anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong? Any help is very much appreciated! 


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Is your stitch count correct for row 2

[51 htr, 49 ch-1 sps

because in row 3 you work 1 stitch into each of the 51 htr and 2 stitches into each of the 49 ch1 spaces which adds up to 149 stitches made.  It sounds like you made 1 stitch into the ch spaces rather than 2 stitches or stitch count was not correct for row 2.

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Welcome to the 'ville!  I'm going to assume you got the right stitch count at the end of row 2--51 htr and 49 ch-1 spaces.  This leaves you 100 stitches available to work into for the next row.  

The next row says it should end up with 149, and you are 49 stitches short.  "Ch1, *1htr in the next st, 2htr in ch-1 sp; rep from * to last 2 sts, 2htr [149htr]

If you put 1 htr in each of the 51 htr from row 2, that should be 51 htr, right?

If you put 2 htr in each of the 49 chain spaces from row 2, that's 98 htr, right?  51 + 98 is indeed 149 stitches.

So the pattern seems to be correct.  If you only have 100 stitches you must be putting only 1 htr in each chain space.

edit, Oops, Bgs and I just posted at the same time again.  I think we've all misread a pattern now and then. 


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