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home made starch solution

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a tried and tested home made starching solution recipe?  I usually use spray starch to block my lace work, but it is getting harder to find in my area, not to mention ridiculously expensive.  I have seen recipes on the internet but am afraid to try it because I don't want to destroy my work. 

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I tried a glue water mix last year that worked just fine for snowflakes.  Not as stiff as I wanted.  I came across another one this year,but haven't tried it yet.  

"If you plan to stiffen your snowflakes, you could either use a solution of 1/2 Elmer’s Glue and 1/2 water OR try this recipe for Homemade Crafting Starch! "

"Tip: The more (corn) starch you use in relation to the water, the stiffer your finished product will be." 

I'm sure others will share their solutions.  🙂

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There used to be a fabric stiffener (I forget the name), it was a liquid starch sold at Micheals. Kind of looked like a glue/water mix. I used tacky glue with water for my snowflakes and they held up well. Make some little coaster size doilies to practice on. Good luck.

Ellie 13

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