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Double crochets in a magic ring




Please excuse me for my bad English, I am French 😁 I am also a beginner in crochet!

The pattern asks me to begin by a magic ring of 6 double crochets. For my previous amigurumi, it was single crochets so I didn't had any troubles doing them. However, I didn't know how to do double crochets so I checked tutorials on Youtube and there is something I don't understand: why do every magic ring begins with 3 chains before starting doing the double crochets? Why don't they begin by doing the first double crochet then the second etc?

Also, I have to do 6 double crochets. Do these 3 chains count as 1 double crochet and then I should do 5 real double crochets?

Thank you very much for your help 🥲
Good evening everyone!


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Welcome to Crochetville!

Your English is very clear :yes 

In crochet, different stitches have different heights.  SC is shorter than DC, DC is shorter than Treble, and so on.  I am using US stitch terms in this explanation.

When you start a row or round, you need to get the hook and yarn up to the level of the first stitch you are making in that row.  To do that, whether in  in a magic ring or a 'straight' row (working back and forth and turning, like for a blanket), the way to do that is to make a chain the height of the first stitch in that row.  This is usually called a 'turning chain', but you don't always have to turn to use or need it ('turning chain' is fewer words than any other way to explain it, I guess).

Conventionally, a turning chain for SC is 1 chain; for HDC is 2 chains; for DC is 3 chains; for treble is 4 chains; and so on for taller stitches.  So this is a long explanation to tell you why you conventionally* need to do 3 chains.

Also, conventionally, a turning chain counts as the first stitch except for SC.

This link is from the US Craft yarn council which describes the conventions for pattern writing, hook sizing and other things.  It starts with the foundation chain, then Single Crochet including the turning chain, and repeats the 'rules' for other stitches after that.  I hope this helps!

*there are other ways to bring the level of the yarn up to the level up to the first row, but they are more complicated--chains are what you will find in most patterns.




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This site has several good tips for making amis including making and working with a magic ring.  The 3 chains for starting double crochets has nothing to do with making a magic ring. This site explains turning chains for the various stitched.

I also want to say most ami patterns are worked in single crochet so when you mentioned working dc in a magic ring I want to point something out in case you were not aware.  A US sc is the same as a UK dc.  You have to know if a pattern was written in US or UK terms and they usually say.  


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