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Keep edges straight



I have watched so many videos but for some reason can't keep my edges straight on my afghan. I know the problem is the beginning and the end of the rows but do I ignore what the pattern says and follow other suggestions? I have ripped out where it went wonky but would rather not keep repeating the same mistake. 




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Welcome to the 'ville!

A video is not going to help here, what is happening is that you are not (always) working all the way across to the end of the  row, and have made other mistakes.  

This advice came from knitting expert and author Elizabeth Zimmerman, but it works for crochet, too:  'stop often and admire you work'.  The reason is, if you make an error and stop to check every few rows, you'll only have to rip out a few rows to fix it.  I did this before I ever heard of Ms. Zimmerman, because I learned the hard way that it was a good idea - I'd rather rip 3 rows than 30 to fix an error.

The following is me being critical of your work not to be mean, but to be helpful, honest!  Tough love, maybe :hook 

I can't imagine that the pattern is telling you to stop short and turn before the end of the row, which you have done.  I also can't imagine that it is telling you to make post stitches in places that don't line up with other post stitches (I assume they are supposed to line up, because they do here and there, for example at the far end of the photo).  And I know, that you know, that this needs to be ripped out and started over--while admiring your work, and counting stitches, and making sure the stitch pattern lines up and the width stays the same.

A comment - this seems to be an odd proportion for an afghan, it's really narrow and really long.  Here is a guide to blanket and afghan sizes.


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