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Hi!  Welcome to the 'ville.  

Have you searched the pattern for a 'special stitches' section?  Sometimes it can be before the pattern, less often at the end, or if it is a pattern in a book there might be a chapter that covers just the stitches used in the book.

Typically a cable is defined by the total # of stitches in the cable, and by definition at least at least 1 stitch crosses over the others, so your cable could be 1 over 4, 4 over 1, or 2 over 3, or 3 over 2.  Or, (less likely) , your pattern may have defined a 'cable' as 1 stitch crossing over 1 other stitch, in a particular order, so this instruction could be 5 separate cables that would look like XXXXX.  In other words a 5 FPDC cable is not defined as one single thing that is always exactly the same.  

What is the name of the pattern? Is the pattern, or a photo of the end item, on the internet somewhere?

Do you know what a Front Post DC is?  It is a DC stitch made around the 'body' of a stitch in a specified stitch in a row below the current row--it is not made into the top of the stitch.  You yarn over, stick the hook to the right side of the DC you are working in, bring the hook behind the stitch and back to the front on the other side of the stitch, yarn over and complete the stitch.  If you have never done this stitch, it will probably make more sense to find at a video than reading my description.

Edit, we posted at the same time Bgs, I guess I could have saved some typing! 

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