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Welcome to the 'ville!  Your blanket has held up really well, looks like your grandmother finished it yesterday.

I took the liberty of turning your photo so it is right side up, and trimmed it a little bit (probably operator error on my part but had trouble flipping it in the program I was using, in it's original size).  Good new is all the rows are the same stitch pattern, so we can still see enough of it.

I can't identify it with a name, but (good news) it is a fairly easy pattern to replicate. It is all US DC stitches, alternating a 'shell stitch' of 3 DC into the center stitch of the shell in the row below, and a DC in the DC of the row below.

Bgs just said the same thing as I was typing the above.  I would make a foundation chain a little longer than you think you want the width of the blanket to be, then make 3 DC in the 6th chain from the hook--the skipped chains become a DC and a skipped stitch, basically -- skip 1 chain, make 3 DC into the next stitch (this is a 'shell'), skip 1 chain, DC in the next - and so on.  Stop when you have just finished a DC by itself (not part of a shell), and it is the width you want; later you can pick out the extra chains, it will not unravel.  Next row is how Bgs and I described, chain 3 (becomes the first DC of the row, 'sprouting' from the DC below), and put 3 DC into the center DC of the group of DCs that forms the shell, and so on.

Unknown blanket.jpg

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