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Keeps twisting

Ashley Nation


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I'm not sure what the 'no twisting chain' technique is, the only thing that comes to mind is a foundation stitch where the chain for the next stitch is built into each stitch.  I rarely use that technique, but if this is what you are doing the advice in my third paragraph would work with a chain or a foundation chain.

A chain is probably going to twist as you go - that doesn't matter, and you are probably not doing anything wrong.  If you were crocheting a flat piece, the twist will just go away assuming you make your stitches into the chain in a consistent manner.

When it matters is if you are joining the ends of the chain to make a circle however, and THIS is where you need to get rid of the twist before joining, or you will end up with a mobius cowl.  You should be able to flatten out the chain, worst case is pin it flat or use 'paper weights' to lay it on the table in an untwisted circle, so you and join it so it is untwisted.

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Are you trying this method?


If so you need to pay close attention how you insert your hook thru the first chain and how you put your working chain back on the hook.

This method is the lay it out straight then join.


This one suggests making your chain,working first round as a row, and then joining.


You could also do foundation stitches.

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