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Kind of ... Sort of ... New Here


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Hello fellow crocheters!

I had signed up a few years ago, but never got around to exploring your forum.  Crochet is my passion.  Tunisian Crochet almost more so.  I love to do both .... keeps life interesting.  As for knitting, I'm familiar with the basics but couldn't knit myself out of a paper bag.


Most of my crochet projects go to various local charities ... for distribution or fundraising.  Occasionally a friend or acquaintance will admire something while on the hook .... and if they wish ... it's theirs.


Looking forward to exploring this site more and learning more about my chosen craft(s).


That's about all for now.  Here is a sampling of what's come off my hook recently (the two pics last pics are of the same hat, but pic shows the two different ways they can be worn - the design is my own). 


ETA:  Didn't realize until after posting this that I had already introduced myself in 2020.  I'll endeavour to keep myself a little more up to date in future.

Thanks for your understanding.


1781219312_MyFavouriteThingsFinishedbmarch22.thumb.jpg.e48d761df5405470bc04ba2dc2c73df8.jpgI understand that there is a forum within this site specifically for posting pictures of your work   Will post 'em there from here on in.

mini cuddly baby in basket-cradle and smock stitch blanket january 2022.jpg

mini sleepy bear and hug monster march 2022.jpg

2 in 1 slouchy beanie with matching mittens Lion Brand Pound of Love Charcoal and  Neon Pink Craftsmart.jpg

2 in 1 slouchy beanie with matching mittens Lion Brand Pound of Love Charcoal and Neon Pink Craftsmart jan11 2022.jpg

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Welcome back to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell.

We are always so glad to meet new & Old friends.

Beautiful stuff and cool pictures.  I think where you want to post them is in Show N Tell.

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