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Help, stuck on pattern section



I am trying to make a crochet squirrel. and have done most of the sections. I am up to the "legs" section but am a little lost. 

Am I supposed to work in rows or rounds?

everything about this section confuses me, could someone please help my understand this whole section. 

and what is the difference between rotary rows and main rows. 

Thank you! 



4Ch, from the second loop from the hook

1.2Sc, 4Sc in one, 1Sc, 3Sc in one (10)

2. (3Sc, 2İnc) * 2 (14)

3. (6Sc, 1İnc) * 2 (16)

4-6. 3 rows on 16Sc

7. (6Sc, 1Dec) * (14)


9.6Sc, 1Ch, rotation,

10.4Sc, 1Ch, rotation

11.4Sc, 1Ch, rotation

12.4Sc, 1Ch, rotation

13.4Sc, 2Sc along the edge of the rotary rows, 1Dec (1Sc rotary rows, 1Sc of the main row)

 8Sc, 1Dec (1Sc main row, 1Sc rotary rows), 2Sc along the edge of rotary rows

14.4Sc, 2Dec, 4Sc, 2Dec (14)

15.4Sc, 1 Triple Decrease, 4Sc, 1 Triple Decrease (10)


17.1İnc, 3Sc, 1İnc, 5Sc (12)


19. (1İnc, 5Sc) * 2 (14)

20. (2İnc, 5Sc) * 2 (18)

 move the beginning of the row by knitting another 2Sc

21. 11Sc, 6İnc, 1Sc (increase in front of the leg) (24)

22.11Sc, (1İnc, 6Sc) * 6, 1Sc (increase in front of the leg) (30)

23-27. 5 rows on 30Sc

28. (1Dec, 3Sc) * 6 (24)

29. 1Sc, (1Dec, 2Sc) * 5, 1Dec, 1Sc (18)

30. (1Dec, 1Sc) * 6 (12)

31.6Dec (6) pull off



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I think this pattern has either been translated from another language or the author's native language is not English.

When this pattern says rotate I think it is telling you turn.  When it talks about the rotary rows its talking about the rows you made each time you turned and worked a row.

Looks like you start working in rounds.  Then you work rows which will make a shape other than round. 

Just follow the pattern step by step


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Hi, welcome to the 'ville! I agree with Bgs' interpretation; if you think about it, rotate and turn can be 100% synonyms to an English speaker in some circumstances  (rotate the paper 90° = turn the paper 90°), but also 'weirdly wrong' in others - example if you were a passenger in a car, giving directions to the driver, you wouldn't say 'rotate left at the stop sign' -- but a non-native speaker might not catch the difference.

Other than that and referring it to 'knit'*, and 'pull off' at the end (which is understandable as 'finish off', just odd), it seems to be clear otherwise.  Just want to point out that the # at the ends of the rows or rounds is total stitch count for the row, which is handy to make sure you didn't misinterpret something.

* in some languages knit and crochet are the same word

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