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Sc beanie pattern help



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The way to make a hat without a pattern is to first measure your head where the brim/widest part would be, which is normally a tad past the hairline more or less but for your project, measure your head where the beanie would sit (to me, a beanie is a short hat that doesn't reach to the ears, but if you mean a regular hat that covers more, measure where you want the edge to be).

I'm going to use a number that works for my head (for hats) because the math is easy, my head is 22".  Circumference divided by 3.14 is diameter, it so happens that 22" divided by 3.14 is exactly 7".

A top down hat is made starting with a flat circle with the diameter you need for the circumference to work out.  There is a 'rule' which works for most people's stitch height, that involves this set of numbers that works for most people : SC=6, DC=12

That number is the number of stitches you start with in the first round, and the # you increase by each round.  The way to make a flat circle for SC is:

rnd1) Make a magic ring, and put 6 SC into it (or chain 2, and put 6 SC into the chain next to the knot)

rnd 2) Make 2 sc into each sc (12 sc total)  (note, an 'inc' going forward is 2 sc into 1). Either join and chain 1 to start the next round for all rnds going forward, or work in a spiral without joining - but put a stitch marker in the first stitch and move it up each round so you don't get lost, which is easy to do!

rnd 3) *1 sc, inc, repeat

rnd 4) *2 sc, inc, repeat

rnd 4) *3 sc, inc, repeat

See the pattern forming?  You add 1 plain stitch between increases each round, and keep going until, if your head is the same as mine, the diameter is 7" (obviously use the diameter that works for your head!)

The following rounds are just plain SC until you get the length you want, then end with a slip stitch into the stitch after your last SC either way, if you are working in a spiral it helps 'even out' the slight height difference between the end and beginning of the round.

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8 hours ago, Brithecrochetqueen said:

I'm making a beanie for the first time. ot calls for sc with a row count of 64. if I DC instead how many rows would it be???

Here's an easy double crochet beanie in a variety of sizes.  Adult, roughly 15 rows if stop where the pattern indicates.  Simple Double Crochet Hat Pattern. • Oombawka Design Crochet

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