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TR in 4th chain from hook how to do

Tina Winters


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Welcome to the 'ville!

I'm going to assume your pattern uses UK terms.  Are you in the UK or the US?  Asking because, a treble crochet in UK terms is a double crochet in US terms.  I'm going to 'speak' in UK terms in the following explanation.

You have made a 4 or more chains (I'm going to assume more, and you will be working across a distance to make something with a straight bottom edge--there is an alternative that I will explain later).  You have 1 loop on your hook - you will always have at least 1 loop on your hook until you finish off.  Starting just beyond that loop on your hook, count 3 chains away from the hook, and make a Treble crochet in the next (4th) chain.  That leaves 3 chains as your turning chain, which is typical.  A turning chain brings your hook and yarn to the height of the following stitch along the chain; the term is a little misleading because you don't always have to turn there, depending on the pattern.

The alternative I mentioned earlier - sometimes when working in the round, center-out, and using a UK treble, you chain 4 and put (usually 11) UK trebles in the 4th chain from the hook, then slip stitch the beginning 4th chain, which counts as a DC.  Yes, you can put that many stitch into 1 stitch, and more actually.  Your pattern will give more detail for you to determine which of the alternatives apply, whether you are working in rows or center-out  rounds.

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