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Floating shell Afghan



I am making a floating shell Afghan , when I lay it flat the width is even  on both sides but I have lost 4” if stretched the 4” inches are there.If I add a border will this problem be rectified.I should also mention all stitches were done in the back loop only


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I'm finding more than 1 (different) stitch patterns called 'floating shells' but not one that has BLO stitches.  (edit, not doubting your pattern name, my Google-fu is probably faulty)

But...I'm a little perplexed what you mean by 'lost' 4".  Did you do a gauge swatch before you started?  If so, did you attain the proper stitch height, which is the only way to attain the length of the blanket that the pattern says it should be at a certain point?  'Lost' implies the 4" was there once (without stretching) and isn't any more, which I'm sure isn't what you meant.  (edit, or you mean "it is there when I stretch it", but that is meaningful for a hat maybe, but not a blanket).

Rather than adding a border, which implies all the way around, why don't you just keep going for another 4".  Unless you've run out of yarn, and can't find the matching dye lot--then yes probably a border (all around) in a contrasting color would be a good idea.  (mixing dye lots usually doesn't look great)

I make short-ish stitches compared to most designers, based on the many gauge swatches I've done over the decades.  I've learned to deal with that one way or another, which depends on the type of project but usually involves adding rows/rounds or if that doesn't work with the pattern for some reason, switching to taller stitches (EDC instead of DC for example, depending on what works with the stitch pattern).


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"the width is even  on both sides but I have lost 4” if stretched the 4” inches are there"

Are you telling us that if you measure the width at the first row and measure again at your last row that both measurements are the same or is there a difference of 4 inches between the measurements.


Are you telling us that if you measure one side (from row 1 to your last row) and then measure the other side that there is a difference of 4 inches?

Either way a border is not going to fix being 4 inches off.

Like Granny Square said a border would solve the problem if you needed 4 inches more in length or width.

A photo would help explain whats going on.

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