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Hi everyone, 
I'm currently working on a pattern to do an small Alpaga. 
The pattern is build so you start with the leg and go up tp the neck and head all in one piece.

I just finished round 28 which has a total of 36 stitches. 
Now, I'm trying to do round 29 but I can't understand it

Round 29: work 8 single crochets, fold the alpaca in half, in a way that both legs are left in the front and close 9 stitches, this is, work the first stitch by inserting the hook into the next stitch in front with the next stitch from behind. Repeat this 8 times more, you will have closed 18 stitches. Take the wadding and fill the legs and the body, tightening it very well until you get the right shape. You will have a total of 18 stitches, which will be the neck of the alpaca that you will continue to work in spiral.

Here's my questions and what I don't understand :

  • If I do 8sc + combine 18 into 9, I have used 26 stitches so I still have 10 left. What do I do with them?
    Also, how it's explained, I'll have 8 opened stitches, 9 closed stitches and 10 opened stitches in that order when I actually need the opened stitches to be all together. How do I fix this?
  • Also, if all my opened stitches are on the left of my work and I'm working to close the 18, I'll work to the right and then I can't go back to the opened one when I'm done closing them. 

I'm so confused. Please help. Thanks!
If you want complete pattern : https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alpawak



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Take a good look at this


You sc 8 then fold it like this.  Now for the next 9 sc you will be sc thru both layers of your folded piece.  You will need to cut your yarn and go back and attach it to the the first of the 10 stitches left unworked.  Now you will be working using the first 8sc of round 29 and the 10 unworked.

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^ Agree, you are 'sewing a seam' using crochet stitches. 

Noémie, if you are not a member of Ravelry you may not be able to see the photo that Bgs linked, but that site is free to join.  This is someone's project photo for this pattern, and it is an excellent illustration of how the alpaca is put together.  The alpaca only has 2 legs, 1 front and 1 back.

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