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What she said, in addition it depends on the stitch pattern, but you said a simple 'up down' stitch pattern (how it was named when I first encountered it, it has several other names).  

You are going to have to swatch.  If you like to always use 1 size hook and a specific brand and style of yarn, and have something you made with that combo, you can use the item as a swatch.  Google tells me that a full size blanket is 80 wide" x 90" long.

Let's pretend you like to use Red Heart Saver and have exactly the same tension as 'suggested' by the ball band.  It says, with an I hook, 12 stitches across and 15 rows will equal 4".  That means, the width of 1 stitch is 4 divided by 12, which is 0.33" per stitch.

The width of a full blanket is 80", so 80 divided by 0.33 is a nice round number (not) of 242.4242...I would go with rounding it up rather than down, because that means a row will always end with the same stitch it began with, either a SC or DC, which seems like a tidy thing to do.

When you start a project that is 'all plain stitches' (in other words, not where you skip stitches, like a shell), and the first stitch is a DC, you want to chain the number of stitches to be made, plus 2.  We want 243 stitches in our blanket, so you would chain 245, turn, then DC in the 4th chain from the hook and work across, and end with a DC.  The next row will begin and end with SC, and so on.

HOWEVER, the numbers I used are not YOUR gauge - you are going to make a swatch and do the same math yourself.

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