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Helmet Cover

Seymour C


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I think she means a horse riding helmet (for the rider)?  (Google knows all, not me :lol )

I found this https://oombawkadesigncrochet.com/2018/11/winter-horseback-riding-helmet-cover-pattern.html  it's worked top down so you can stop to just cover the helmet, although I can see the value of not have stuff fly in in your nose/mouth.  Altering the spot where you stop decreasing at the top can alter the circumference, as for a hat (circumference = 3.14x diameter, so you working top down, measure the circumference of the helmet, divide by 3.14.  Example, using my head and what I do for hats - my head is 22", divided by 3.14 is pretty close to exactly 7" (within a thousandth of an inch), I like an even fit so when I make top-down hats I make a circle  that measures 7" and stop decreasing.  In your case measure the helmet not the rider's head, you'll want a snug fit I'd think.


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