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I have a book on Amazon


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Hi, I am always trying to find new ways to use crochet. I'm an artist and a writer as well as an avid crocheter, so I wrote a book. No, it's not a pattern book, it's a children's storybook based on crocheted toys that I designed. Kid's love it! It's called The Frogs Of The Chocolate Ponds and it's a FREE Amazon download, if you have Kindle Unlimited. It'd make a great gift for a child (together with the frogs featured in the book, all of which any of you can make, because the patterns are also FREE).

Here's where you can find the patterns for the frogs:

Leafy Sleek

You'll find the pattern here:

Humpy the Leaper Toad

You can get the free pattern here

Croaky Puddler

Here is the pattern

And oh, if you have Kindle Unlimited and are interested in downloading the storybook for free to match it with one or more of the frogs, you can find the eBook here:

The Frogs Of The Chocolate Ponds

the frogs from the chocolate ponds book cover kindle.jpg

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They would really enjoy it, and at the end of the book there are links to the toy patterns for the characters who are prominent in the story of the book, and those patterns are free. Then the kids will have both the book to enjoy the story, have fun with the activities in the book and play with the characters. It's a win-win all around. How many books offer you the opportunity to make the main characters in crochet for free?

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