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Gifts for Crocheters

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I'm pretty late to the post, but a happy new comer to the Crochetville 🙂 

My name is Stefanie, and I crochet in my free time. I came here to be a part of a community where I can talk to people about crochet and see the projects they are working on (I don't use social media). I stumbled upon this post while I was exploring the website, so I figured this is as good a place as any to introduce myself. It's good to "meet" you all! I also create tshirt designs in my free time, and some of them are great gifts for crocheters! The shirts are soft and the designs are vivid and durable. All proceeds go toward my wedding fund 💌 

Crochet T-Shirt Sayings:

"Full-Time Hooker, And Proud"

"Yes, I Really Do Need All Of This Yarn"

"I'm Just A Hooker At Heart"

"Yarn Hoarder With A Hooking Problem"

"Crocheting Keeps Me From Unraveling"

"I'd Rather Be Crocheting"

"Eat. Sleep. Crochet."

"This Is How I Roll"

"Sometimes When I Unwind, I Do A Little Hooking"


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1 hour ago, NCcountrygal said:

Yes I Really Do Need All Of This Yarn T-Shirt 

Absolutely true.  lol  

I agree! I get that question every time I open a closet or drawer.. and the answer is always YES 🤩 

By the way, I just made a $2 OFF coupon for my Crochetville friends, follow this link or use the following code at checkout: CROCHETVILLE1

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