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Patterns using lace weight yarn

Debbie Unold


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Here are a few, these are free laceweight patterns

https://www.lanasyovillos.com/en/accesories/diamond-blanket  This is pretty and would be perfect if your yarn is not all the same color, charted and video but not written out

A simple one, you may have to join Ravelry to download (it's free).  I was also thinking a giant granny-square or granny rectangle might be a good choice to work center out until the yarn runs out.  If you do a granny-square, it's a good idea to turn it each round, it is reversible that way, and kills the 'skew' that can happen when you work a very large thing (lots of rounds) in the round.

A corner-to-corner blanket for the concept, you don't need to stick to the color scheme.  If you have never made one of these shapes before, it starts in a corner and you work it until you hit the width you want, then you stop increasing on 1 side (so it, then when it gets the length you want, you stop adding rows and just decrease to a point - this blanket will do this, but it might not be the dimensions you want - you can control that.  Scroll down, see the diagram next to the 'Pattern' section (right under 'colorway')?  That's what I am describing, the 'section 2' determines the length, a temp blanket tends to be very long, so you can shorten section 2 and start section 3 when you want to 'stop' the length.  Eliminating section 2 would make a square blanket .  

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