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Amigurumi two rounds at once


So, I'm doing an amigurumi project kit (a little sloth from Michael's) and I'm having a little bit of difficulty. I am working on the head and I got to rounds 4 and 5, but I cant seem to figure it out. The instructions say " Rnd 4 and 5: (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc) around: 32sc ". First of all, I would like to know if the 32 sc means for both rounds together or 32 in each round. Second, I cant seem to make it go to 32 either way, so any help there would be nice. Just so you have all the information, round 3 was a total of 18 sc.

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Welcome to the 'ville!  It just means you do exactly the same thing in row 4, as you will also do in row 5.  At the end of row 4 you will have 32 stitches total, and since you will do the same thing for rnd 5, that round will also have 32 stitches total.

First question:

This is a very common thing to see in patterns, to avoid typing the same complete instruction two times, by instead telling you 'over each of the following 2 rounds, do this exact same thing which is----".

You and Baily4 replied as I was typing this.  I was about to say the same thing she did, that this looks like the normal way to start a flat circle in SC is to start with 6 and add 6 each round, which your pattern is following so far.  Most "toy parts" (heads, legs) start with a flat circle for a few rounds, then change to increase fewer or none eventually to form a head or leg or whatever.

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Row 4 should have 24 stitches

Row 5 32


That's why I wanted to know how many stitches were in row 3 to see if you were continuing or building.

Standard patterns build an extra stitch between increase as you go along until you reach the desired stitch count.  In this case they used the same pattern for rows 4 and 5.  So in this pattern you double the stitches in row 2.  You add a stitch between increases in row 3.  You have the same stitch pattern for 4-5 which is unusual but likely creates a shape the designer desires. 

I got out my hooks and yarn to follow your directions

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