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I forgot to take a pic of the cat toys I made for my GS's 2 kittens so he took one for me. The mice were easy and quick to make. I chose not to put eyes on the grey mouse since the other 2 wound up looking like zombie mice. LOL. The blue toy is made with a piece cut from a paper towel tube, then stuffed. It has a tail on the other side with a small bell on the end. I closed both ends of the toy since I wanted to stuff it to keep it's shape.

Patterns: MouseBlue Toy

Kitten Toys.jpg

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23 hours ago, Granny Square said:

Cute!  Kitty has little 'eyebrows' that makes her look concerned about GS2 is up to re: her toys... :cat 

He does have quite the expression! And I love the little tuft of fur on his neck, and those ears! I should have made the ears on the mice bigger to match. 😄 The female, Olivia, is camera shy and stingy. According to my GS, she'll probably take all the mice away from Keswick.

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