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Suitability of hooks for pencil hold


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Has anyone here - who uses only pencil hold - ever used one of the cheaper Furls hooks, and how does it work for you?  They look as if they might be good for those of us who use the pencil hold.   

I think I have either seen or bought every brand and design of hook around.    I have quite a few hooks, of several styles, and my conclusion is:

The overwhelming majority of hooks are designed for those who use the knife style of wielding the hook. 

Even the hooks with a perfectly cylindrical handle are not right for us pencil holders - because this rounded handle is too high up the shaft and we can't (OK - I can't) get the correct leverage.  For example,


If you look carefully you can see that they even put a flattened thumb rest below the wooden handle.  Which means that this was designed with knife grippers in mind.

So far, in order to be able to crochet at all,  I have had to modify every one of the countless brands and styles of hook which I own, for example, fashioning  a round clay handle at the right spot on the shaft.  Or using some sort of pencil covering that you buy at Staples.  Or the Susan Bates hook cushions, the latest design of which is not the best (IMO).  Et cetera.  It is too bad I can't find the Yarn Valet hook covers any more.  I have one and it is excellent for the thinner metal hooks. I welcome your input on anything I've said here. 

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Another pencil grip person here, yeah that one in your link would be a no-go, and agree the fancier hooks seem to mostly be 'not for us'.

Like you have done the foam pencil-grip over the rubber bands trick, even with steel doily size hooks.


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I am another pencil crochet holder I have tried the other way and can not crochet any other way but the pencil hold 😀

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