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Yet another phone case


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I know phone cases are quick and easy projects but I needed another one I must go through lots of them.... I got a new phone 2 months ago quickly made a phone case but it didn't live up to all the needs I needed so here's my new style I prefer to have a wrist strap and a key ring attachment.... let me explain why I have a mini ID case that I created that holds my bank cards and my IDs and I can loop that to the key ring holder on the back and just have to carry my phone by the strap while also attaching my keys to it quick for on-the-go tasks....

PS...ssshhhhhh don't tell no one I'm making a New ID holder to match LOL.....




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Pretty color! I've been debating getting a new phone, and need to make a case for it, but I have to decide first which phone to get & whether or not I'll get a more protective case to go on it before I make a case! I love otterbox cases, but I've recently found out that if you drop a phone just right, the otterboxes don't work as they should! This is why my Galaxy S8+ has a crack going down the left side of the phone! Oops! 

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