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Pirate theme baby blanket

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Hello. My daughter is planning a pirate theme for the nursery. Can anyone suggest a baby blanket pattern with ships or pirates?

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Here are a few more things including non blankets that maybe you might want.  Links are all to Ravelry which you have to be a member to see most patterns and download any from there.  It is free to join.


Pirate granny squares:


An easy pirate pal:


If you do filet, here is a flag:


Pay for patterns.

Applique that you could add to your blanket:



Here is the search for pirate for both free and paid for patterns.  I got 6 pages.  Maybe you could look through and find more fun things to make. Good luck and congratulations! :)



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How about a ripple blanket in shades of blue and blue-ish green, then appliqueing the little pirate ship(s).  Some other things to add might be a whale, a sea turtle, a sea gull, etc.

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