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  1. It's now called Crochet by Carole, and I'm not sure if they are still selling but here's the web site. https://www.angelfire.com/art/crochetbycarole/crochet.html I bought patterns from them way back when (probably 30-40 years ago), so the designer may not even be alive anymore. But it's worth a try, and there's a chance that her children are still selling. BTW, I remember the smurf pattern and the armadillo-holding-a beer/coke-bottle patterns. There were a lot of good character dolls, plus the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.
  2. Thank you! That's what I needed to know.
  3. I found a chart that somebody from Argentina (I think) made, but it's on Pinterest. It looks like the same angel. Is it okay to post the link?
  4. Selling entire sets might be a problem, since most of us threadies already have partial sets. For example, I myself have about 150 of the 155 Magic Crochet but not the last few issues. If you ever decide to break them up, or if you have "leftover" issues after dividing them up into complete sets, I would love to know about it!
  5. This is very close to the pullover pattern that was so popular back in the 1980s because it was made all in one piece. It starts at the side with a chain long enough to go from the waist in front, over the shoulder, and down to the waist in the back. You work your first few stitches in ribbing (sc in the back loop), work down the length of the chain in your pattern stitch until the same number of chains is left for the ribbing and work them in ribbing. You will be working back and forth from side to side, hard to explain. Work until you have 1/2 of it done, then work the next row until yo
  6. In looking further at the contents page of that issue, I suspect that it is a knit pattern anyway. Under Knitting it says "patchwork" afghans. You might be able to chart one for tunisian crochet or sc yourself, but that sounds like a LOT of work. Hmm, maybe a cross stitch chart? I'll keep your request in the back of my mind and let you know if I come across anything. Don't hold your breath!
  7. Are you looking for this exact afghan pattern? From what I can see, it says it is in McCall's Needlework and Crafts, March/April 1982. But there is an Etsy listing for this issue that shows the table of contents, and it doesn't appear to be in that issue. As I recall, one of their special afghan issues had that afghan shown on the cover. Maybe you could find that one.
  8. I'm pretty sure I still have this issue in stock, and I do mail to the UK. I think the postage will not exceed my $7.35 first class that I charge for first class in the USA. If you have not found it yet and are still looking, you can get in touch with me through Etsy (countryyarns) or Ravelry (JennieG). I don't get many chances to check on Crochetville, so that might be faster.
  9. And it's on the cover of that issue! https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flutter-by-afghan
  10. It is supposedly from Crochet Home Magazine no. 63, dated Feb. 1988
  11. Is this it? https://www.ebay.com/i/183227467708?chn=ps It's an afghan.
  12. Jennie G.

    Noahs Ark

    There is an afghans4u on Etsy, although it looks like it was just established and never used. but it does have contact info, and you never can tell she might reply! https://www.etsy.com/shop/Afghans4u
  13. You're right! The book is called Floral Afghans, it's a "Little Book" from Leisure ARts # 75023. No wonder it looked familiar. It's in my inventory.
  14. I think you are right, it was in a magazine or a book from Leisure Arts. My first thought was Crochet with Heart, but I just can't see it in my head. Will keep looking. didn't see it on Ravelry, although the problem with them is that if you don't know the name or spell it wrong you are out of luck.
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