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  1. You're right! The book is called Floral Afghans, it's a "Little Book" from Leisure ARts # 75023. No wonder it looked familiar. It's in my inventory.
  2. I think you are right, it was in a magazine or a book from Leisure Arts. My first thought was Crochet with Heart, but I just can't see it in my head. Will keep looking. didn't see it on Ravelry, although the problem with them is that if you don't know the name or spell it wrong you are out of luck.
  3. How about a ripple blanket in shades of blue and blue-ish green, then appliqueing the little pirate ship(s). Some other things to add might be a whale, a sea turtle, a sea gull, etc.
  4. This is click bait. You can see the pattern on the Stylecraft web site.
  5. I found this picture on Pinterest. The link is no good, but if the picture is the right one maybe you can use it as a guide.
  6. This one looks a lot like it, and it was available in a magazine so you should be able to find a back issue.
  7. Annie Potter Presents also has several pattern books
  8. Here is a really cute set of dresses by Delsie Rhoades, originally published by ASN and now sold by the designer herself. Sizes 2-6 and an extra bonus - matching dresses for 18" girl dolls! I've always loved this pattern set but don't have any girls to make them for. The picture didn't want to come up but if you click on Babies & Children to the left, you should be able to see a picture. There's also one on eBay for $5.95 including shipping.
  9. Crocodile stitch has a very "pineapple" look. Here's one, but it's not free.
  10. There's one on The Whoot The pattern is on the page, but I also think it might be found free on the Red Heart site. But it might be a little different, so here's the link anyway.
  11. Why not make the squares that are already done into the "center of attention"? Depending on how many are already made, you could add a row of sc in a contrasting color, something "manly" 'cause you know how guys are. Sew them together to make a square or rectangle for the center of the afghan, then just go around and around the afghan in the stitch and color(s) of your choice until it's a good size for him. That way he will know that the squares are from his mother, instead of mixed in with yours. You and your grandmother will each have a part in the afghan, but the parts will be sort of separate for the different times that they were done.
  12. Just a quick note on marypat's reply, I'm "" and I don't sell ebooks or epatterns. Those are real physical books. Selling them as ebooks would be illegal for me! Just a simple mistake on MaryPat's part.
  13. Here it is, shown on Ravelry
  14. This looks a whole lot like the designs that the South American yarn/thread company Circulo puts out. I've seen videos but since the language is Portuguese I don't understand. I've seen whole magazine issues with these bath sets; they are very popular in Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries. Here is a google search that I just did, and you will see what I mean. Maybe one of these will lead back to something very similar.
  15. I think it's the material used that makes it look unusual. Possibly it's just a plain dc or hdc, but it looks like a rattail or narrow heavy ribbon is used. That would make the stitches look different.