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Ancient wood, Magical Hook!


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Just started a new auction on some really unique crochet hooks.  One is made of the oldest workable wood in the world, certified to be more than 35,000 years old.  Imagine, this hook was hiding in the trunk or limb of a tree that was alive and well thousands of years before even I was born!  Way before ancient Rome,  way before Jesus' birth, way before the pyramids were a twinkle in King Tut's eye.  Even before the first recorded cave paintings!  And it's found it's way from a bog in New Zealand to Jimbo's porch to become a crochet hook. 


AND a Magical hook, made from a Hazelnut bush that was struck by lightning not 50 yards from the Front Porch up on the crick.  Hazelnut has magical properties all by itself.  The crick is pretty dang magical (to me anyways); add a lightning strike and you got one powerful magical crochet hook I tell you!


Please take a minute and drop on over to my blog to check them out!






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That's fascinating about the kauri wood! I didn't know the term, but when i first looked at the blog photos i could see a hint of the chatoyance. I can imagine what it looks like in reality.


Both the kauri hook and the lightning-struck hook will be great additions to someone's collection :hook

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